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Tive Solo 5G Tracker

Tive Inc, one of the principal suppliers of in-transit supply chain tracking solutions, has released its approved Tive Solo 5GTM tracker.

The Tive Solo 5G is the industry’s first single-use and multi-use tracker that is 5G-enabled and continues to support 4G and 2G networks globally today. Eliminating data and coverage gaps in every U.S. state and country where 2G and 3G networks are being replaced, the Tive Solo 5G ensures full real-time visibility of all in-transit shipments.

“The Tive Solo 5G helps solve one of the largest problems that trackers of today have, by minimizing dead zones,” said Josh Hussin, client development manager, Crane Solutions, Inc. “With the Tive Solo 5G, we will have more granular tracking and get full visibility into all our loads across North America.”

An innovative, inexpensive supply chain tracker, the Tive Solo 5G™ provides high accuracy location, and measures temperature, humidity, shock, and light exposure. Using the latest advancements in cellular technology, it reports the sensor data along with the location in real-time to the cloud-based Tive supply chain platform, where customers can monitor and analyze shipments, benchmark carrier behaviour, setup geofences, and other sensor alerts. Activated with a single button, the single-use Tive Solo 5G totally eliminates complex reverse logistics operations.

“We listened to our customers, and ninety-plus per cent of them told us that we need a tracker that has complete coverage and is future-proof. With our new Tive Solo 5G tracker, we have delivered and solved the blind-spot constraint common to all other trackers,” said Tive CEO and founder Krenar Komoni. “In addition to greater geographic reach, the Tive Solo 5G includes all the attributes of our previous Solo and Flagship tracker, long battery life, most accurate location in the market, global cellular connectivity, and condition sensors for temperature, light, humidity, shock, and tilt.”

The Tive Solo 5G offers:

  • Complete coverage in the US, eliminating blindspots common to 2G/3G trackers today;
  • Future Proof (5G-Ready);
  • Supports 4G and 2G networks globally today;
  • Measures Temperature, Humidity, Shock, Tilt, and Light;
  • Highest location accuracy using GPS, Wi-Fi Positioning, and Cellular Triangulation.

In addition to reducing operational complexity and reverse logistics with single-use trackers, Tive is committed to sustainability, offering a rebate program that encourages and rewards the return of single-use trackers to Tive for recycling.

For more information on the Tive Solo 5G Tracker, please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page.

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