The 2020 High-quality Development Conference of the Big Health Industry and the Fifth China Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation Summit hosted by, China Pharmaceutical Magazine and China Pharmacy was grandly held at Chongqing Marriott Hotel in September.

At the summit, the Top 20 CRO and CDMO Companies in China Ranking List for 2020 was released and GL Biochem (Shanghai) Ltd reached the top 20 CRO companies and ranked fifth. 180 Chinese CRO companies participated in the selection activity and the top 20 were decided after strict screening based on 10 indicators such as total scale, profit, R&D strength, potential for growth and industry brand awareness.

An in-depth analysis and discussion on the theme of “innovation and development of pharmaceutical preparations” was conducted at this conference. Speakers included leaders and experts from the drug regulatory system and other medical-related regulatory fields, as well as strategic management planning, project development, and the business executives and industry elites in investment evaluation industry; it can be described as a gathering of talents and big names. Guo Yunpei, founder and deputy editor-in-chief of China Pharmaceutical News, honorary chairman of China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and director of the expert committee delivered a speech at the conference.

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