Witness the miracle of the super speed of our construction project

November 9th is a memorable day. GL Dalian Company held a safety production acceptance review meeting at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Conference Center which is located next to her. After on-site expert survey, documents review, and defense discussions, five experts in various fields agreed that the hardware and software facilities for the safe production of GL Dalian Company have been approved, and they have passed the acceptance inspection. From the beginning of groundbreaking and civil construction on June 5, to the installation and testing of instruments and equipment, to various signatures and stamps, procedures and licenses, to production and operation, it has witnessed the miracle of super speed, high efficiency and great responsibility of the project.

The company’s high-quality development takes new steps

GL’s subsidiary Jiangsu Jitai Peptide Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. obtained the drug production license, and Binhai GL peptide Ltd was also successfully renewed its API drug production license, and successfully renewed its safety production license. Various effective rectification and improvement work was actively and orderly promoted, laying a soft and stiff foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the group company for high-quality development.

GL Group’s operating performance is rising steadily

In 2020, GL is facing various difficulties and challenges, the international and domestic situation has changed suddenly, the pandemic, the suspension of production and all kinds of contradictions! Under heavy pressure, the group company has broken through the siege, and the overall performance has reached a new high point so far. The company has solved problems and resisted risks and overcome difficulties in its development! Facts have proved that with the strong leadership of the communist party and the government, plus the hard-working of GL people, difficulties can be overcome!

GL won the municipal-level project enterprise of the 2020 Shanghai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

In order to fight the pandemic, help scientists R & D and screen Covid-19 vaccines, GL employees worked overtime to provide key peptide materials for more than 30 top domestic laboratories including Zhong Nanshan Laboratory, Chen Wei Laboratory, Zhang Wenhong Laboratory, Jiang Shibo Laboratory, etc.!