Last month, GL Biochem subsidiary Jiangsu Jitai Peptide Technology Co Ltd obtained the manufacturing license of finished peptide medicines, and finally, the last key preparation certificate was successfully acquired.

So far, after 22 years of continuous expansion and mergers, twenty-two years of intensive cultivation and ingenuity casting, GL Biochem has built a “wholly” and perhaps the only complete industrial chain of peptide drugs in the world: from minerals (fluorene)- Starting materials (amino acids, special amino acids, Fmoc protected amino acids)-intermediates (non-GMP peptides)-peptides GMP grade APIs-GMP grade finished pharmaceutical preparations-drug consistency studies-drug registration declaration (DMF), step by step, interlocking.

In Binhai, we have two provincial-level peptide drug engineering research centres led by Li Zhu, a preparation R&D centre led by Dr Deng Wenhua in Shanghai, a 200-person Peptech R&D company led by Dr Yin Haifeng, and Jifeng Technology R&D team led by Ma Jingxiang. In addition, there are a large number of R&D personnel scattered on the R&D and production teams of GL subsidiaries. The strong comprehensive strength accumulated over the past 22 years is the cornerstone of this entire industrial chain.

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