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Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging

Agerhatten 5,
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Olitec Packaging Solutions is a leading supplier of medical and pharmaceutical packaging. We offer a wide range of both standard and customised packaging.

We develop and supply hygienic packaging for clean room and other contamination-critical production environments, including medical, pharmaceutical and food production, and for suppliers of products for these sectors. We also offer specialist packaging for temperature-critical products for the transportation of drugs and food.

Our packaging is manufactured in compliance with HACCP, FDA and GMP guidelines and standards.

Our pharmaceutical division supplies packaging solutions for:

  • Medical products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical devices

Hygienic trays and boxes

Dipack® hygienic trays and boxes are manufactured in durable pure PP-plastic. The special channel structure of the material gives stability, low weight and great strength. The material is shock-resistant and has a high durability and resistance to tearing. Dimension, type and design are manufactured to order.

Hygienic plastic pallets

Olicon® and Thorpal® hygienic plastic pallets are strong and durable pallets for internal use in clean room and hygienic production environments and in pharmaceutical and food production.

Lightweight / export plastic pallets

Thorpal® lightweight / export plastic pallets are used for external transport. They do not require export certification or permits. Our plastic pallets are manufactured at completely uniform weights and measurements, which is why they are extremely well-suited to conveyor systems, tare weighing and pallet racks.

Hygienic pallet containers

Thorbox® hygienic pallet containers constitute a robust, reusable packaging solution between factory and customer, subcontractor and factory, etc.

The container is manufactured with cleaning-friendly surfaces and can also be used internally in clean room and hygienic production environments in pharmaceutical and food production.

Thorbox hygienic pallet containers can be folded to one quarter of their height for empty return transport and intermediate storage.

Packaging for temperature-controlled shipments

Especially within the pharmaceutical / laboratory and food industries, there is an increasing demand for temperature-controlled shipments worldwide – reliable temperature control throughout the distribution chain is essential.

Thermoli® Cold Chain is a range of packaging for temperature-controlled shipments. We offer a wide range of thermo boxes, inflatable thermo bags and special thermo boxes for flight transport.

Olitec Packaging Solutions AS

Agerhatten 5

DK-5220 Odense SØ