Aylward manufactures solid dose packaging solutions, including tablet counting and blister-feeding equipment, bulk elevators and customised packaging automation solutions.

For more than 40 years, Aylward has developed innovative technologies and provided engineering and manufacturing capabilities for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical, animal health and packaging industries.

The company provides custom-made solutions for products that are fragile or odd-shaped, which are packaged in blister packs, bottles, pouches or cartons.

Aylward's solid-dose blister feed system handles products of multiple shapes and sizes.
The company's compact feed systems have a simplified operation for reduced entry cost.
Aylward's XYZ Feed System precisely packs products quickly and efficiently.

Product handling expertise for tablets, capsules and liquigels

With decades of experience, Aylward specialises in handling, counting and blistering tablets, capsules and liquigels.

The company combines its innovative and customisable solutions with a flexible engineering culture to meet industry challenges.

Accurate tablet counting

Aylward’s patented 100% accurate tablet counting technology precisely counts and packages pharmaceuticals into bottles, reaching speeds of up to 400 bottles per minute (BPM).

The tablet counter has an Allen Bradley control system, a small footprint, tool-less changeover, and very few product contact parts.

Tablet and capsule blister feed systems

Aylward is a leading manufacturer of blister-feed systems for blister thermoforming machines. The units reliably place tablets into blisters at rates of up to 50 cycles per minute (CPM).

The company’s dedicated feed systems have been installed worldwide, addressing complex and challenging applications.

Aylward’s capabilities include:

  • All servo motor-driven systems
  • Successfully feed complex shapes and sizes
  • Compatible with all continuous and intermittent blister machines
  • Feeding multiple colours and sized tablets into a single blister card
  • Precise laydown and orientation into the blister cavity
  • Fast and easy changeovers
  • Facilitated pouching
  • Proven speeds of up to 50CPM

Custom automation solutions

Aylward provides automated solutions to package a wide variety of pharmaceuticals into blisters, bottles, pouches, or cartons.

The company works closely with other suppliers and easily integrates its equipment onto clients’ pre-existing packaging lines.

Aylward aims to enhance its clients’ packaging process and product quality by providing a practical automated solution with its high-quality service and support.

About Aylward

Since inventing the first dedicated blister feed system in 1977, Aylward is often selected due to its unique abilities to handle difficult and speciality projects. The company provides dedicated service and support throughout the service life of pharmaceutical equipment.