Gerresheimer has released the first eco-friendly plastic containers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, BioPack.

It makes an excellent substitute for traditional PE and PET because it has the same properties and is completely recyclable.

Global Executive vice-president Plastic Packaging Niels Düring said: "By using biomaterials our customers contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thereby protecting the environment and avoiding unnecessary waste."

Green PE or PET made from sugarcane

Sugarcane is one of the substances used to make biomaterials. Ethanol is taken from the sugarcane plant and put through a dehydration process to transform it into green ethylene.

The green ethylene goes to the polymerisation plants, where it is converted into green polyethylene/PET.

Biopack by Gerresheimer is made of sugarcane and is a renewable alternative to conventional PE and PET. It can be used as packaging for both liquid and solid pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Biopack has the same characteristics as Gerresheimer’s classic PE and PET products, which makes it suitable as a material for the entire portfolio of plastic containers.

There is no need to change existing filling and packaging lines and it does not require new investments.

Biomaterials are suitable for the Gerresheimer portfolio of plastic containers.