To further contribute to the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals alike, Nipro PharmaPackaging offers a range of safety systems compatible with Nipro pre-fillable glass syringes. We are delighted to expand our portfolio, announcing that Nipro D2F™ pre-fillable glass syringes have been tested and are fully compatible with Schreiner MediPharm’s Needle-Trap.

Cost-effective protection

Needle-Trap ( is a label with an integrated safety mechanism designed to protect against needlestick injuries (NSI) after the administration of an injection. Needle-Trap is activated by placing the trap against a hard, stable surface, then using one hand to press down the trap, thereby securing the needle. Proper activation is confirmed audibly and visually.

Needle-Trap is a safe and easy-to-operate system that offers significant cost savings thanks to its unique and compact design. Additionally, it can be assembled by way of conventional labelling systems, which enables easy integration into existing manufacturing processes.

Pre-fillable glass syringes designed for vaccines

Needle-Trap is fully compatible with Nipro’s high-quality D2F pre-fillable glass syringes.

Nipro’s D2F syringes provide precise control of key attributes for fast processability, are designed for easier and safer vaccinations, and come with a full data package for quick processing of goods.

These staked pre-fillable syringes are offered in various sizes with a broad range of needle configurations and accessories. Our team of experts will advise you on the right syringe, fine-tune the syringe specifications to your needs, and provide you with samples and documentation to quickly qualify your product for a fast time to market.

We are happy to answer your curiosities and advise you on the pre-fillable glass syringes with the safety system most suited to your drug product and service requirements!