Qorpak is a leading provider of packaging products, offering glass and plastic bottles, vials, container solutions and services for the pharmaceutical and research markets.

Glass bottles and jars for pharmaceutical applications

Qorpak produces a wide range of glass and plastic bottles, as well as a complete line of lab supplies, caps and closures, bags and metal containers.

In addition, Qorpak also offers innovative specialty services including pre-cleaning, kit assembly, bottle capping, labelling and screen-printing.

The company provides an extensive collection of both amber and clear glass bottles, including Boston Rounds, French Squares, wide mouth packers, dropper bottles, vials and specialty ValuLine bottles that meet any budget.

Metal, phenolic, thermoset, and polypropylene plastic bottle caps are available from Qorpak.
The company provides dispensing bottles with trigger sprayers, yorker caps and flip top caps for various applications.
Borosilicate glass chromatography vials are offered with crimp top, snap top and screw thread in clear or amber.
Qorpak provides amber glass bottles, which are highly suitable for light-sensitive products by protecting the contents from UV rays.
The company’s specialty services include pre-cleaning, kit assembly and labelling.

Amber glass is ideal for light-sensitive products to protect contents from UV rays and maintain sample integrity. Clear glass offers optimal sample visibility, and also maintains sample integrity.

Qorpak recommends amber and clear glass bottles, jars and vials for lab use, life sciences, samples and general pharmaceutical purposes.

Plastic bottles and jars available in a variety of resins

Qorpak’s comprehensive selection of wholesale plastic bottles and jars includes barrier bottles, Boston Rounds, oblongs, cylinders, media bottles, modern rounds and packers.

Dispensing bottles with trigger sprayers, yorker caps and flip-top caps for a host of applications are also available.

These bottles are offered in an array of resins including polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polycarbonates (PC), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and co-polymer. All plastic bottles are available with different cap and closure options.

Caps and closures with multiple liner options for applications

Qorpak provides a vast collection of caps, closures and lids, including metal, phenolic, thermoset and polypropylene plastic bottle caps, jar lids and other closure options.

Caps are offered with lining systems to fit any application and container including F217 and PTFE, pulp/vinyl, PolyCone, rubber, polyethylene, aluminum and tin-foil, unlined and more. Dispensing caps, hole caps, septas, discs, tube and vial caps are also available.

Glass and plastic vials for pharmaceutical and research markets

Borosilicate glass chromatography vials are offered with a crimp top, snap top or screw thread neck in both clear and amber, and with or without marking or graduation spots.

Screw thread sample vials are available in amber, clear, cobalt blue and green, and can be ordered with a variety of caps attached.

Additional vial offerings include sample vials, shell, TOC and serum vials available in both glass and plastic.

Vials can be pre-cleaned, cleaned for TOC, VOA, ultra-cleaned, pre-preserved, vacuum and ionised, and include cryogenic, drosophila, transport and snap cap styles.

Safety coated bottles provided by Qorpak

Safety coated glass bottles provide the chemical resistance of glass with the safety of plastic. The bottles help prevent lab mishaps, save time and reduce product liability. A bottle is safety coated by being dipped in clear plastisol, a solution of PVC resin in a liquid plasticiser that cools to form a perfectly fitting plastic coating.

The coating makes the bottles easier to grip and harder to break. If the bottle does break, the plastisol coating will contain the substance in the bottle long enough to allow for proper disposal.

Safety coated glass is available with Qorpak’s amber and clear Boston Rounds, medium rounds, wide mouths, straight sided rounds and amber wide mouth packers.