Reelvision have a can-do attitude and are at the forefront of service

In a world not yet completely run by robots, we have to accept that mistakes can happen. After all, people are only human and sometimes the wrong ingredients are listed on a design, someone forgets to place an order for critical packaging or, time simply slips by and artwork fails to be approved until the very last minute.

If your packaging is incorrect, you cannot launch the product and the impact can have devastating effects with massive cost consequences: potentially raw ingredients could have been produced with an ever-nearing expiry date, transport for shipping oversees could have been organised, or an exhibition stand paid for and invitations sent out.

Delays with packaging are common and sometimes tolerated as just part of the process. For specialist pharmaceutical carton printer Reelvision Print, this is not an acceptable attitude.

From carton concept through to delivered product, Reelvision Print has structured its business to be at the forefront of service standards. With its can-do attitude, it will address even the most challenging of deadlines. This positive outlook does not come at the expense of cost, as Reelvision Print does not believe that service equals inflated charges. The company never charge fast-track costs no matter how short the lead time.

Pressured delivery dates do not mean corners can be cut. Reelvision Print not only conforms to PS9000:2011 strict pharmaceutical practices, it raises the bar when it comes to security standards. With a zero tolerance to mix composite gang-printing, it demonstrates that full-line clearances and demanding quality standards do not result in extended lead times.

With a flexible planning board, material in stock, ink mixed in-house and a positive customer-driven attitude, Reelvision Print has rectified customer artwork errors, and manufactured and shipped cartons within the time frame of 48 hours incurring no additional service costs.

Endorsements to support Reelvision Print and its unique approach to service is important. This was underlined in a customer feedback report on 15 April 2016 by Quest Ingredients’ Justin Robertson, who says: "Excellent service again from Reelvision. Thank you for the cartons received this morning, 1,000 are now packed with product and on their way to Natural and Organics expo at London Excel."

In the above example, the product almost didn’t make it to the exhibition. At the formulation process, an important ingredient had been changed but the artwork was not updated. This major copy mistake lay undetected right through the numerous approval stages. Subsequently, cartons were printed and shipped.

The fault was finally identified during goods-in inspection. The company had just five days to print a six-colour carton containing two varnish types, emboss, and foil-block, as well as delivering the product for packing. It took a precise critical path to ensure the customer could achieve this launch. Without drama or service charges, the product reached its destination with time to spare.

This is not a unique anecdote, but it is why the Reelvision Print customer base has grown to more than 80 leading pharmaceutical and healthcare brands who trust them with the importance of delivering product on time, every time.