Meteraminol 10mg/mL Solution for Injection or Infusion

Reelvision Print will be attending the annual NHS Quality Assurance and Technical Services Symposium in Chester, UK.

Showcasing quality managers, specifiers, and pharmacy business managers from within NHS licensed manufacturing units, the event will see top service providers such as Reelvision print and other leading pharmaceutical product manufacturers discussing a number of key topics:

  • How do I meet the requirements of the data integrity guidance?
  • Human as ‘Hero’ or ‘Hazard’ – an analysis of human practice
  • PASG Forum Group – ‘Hot Topics’
  • Vision for the future of technical services in the NHS
  • The launch of the QAAPS 5th edition
  • How will QAAPS impact on me?
  • Pragmatic approaches to eliminating spores
  • The Great Debate – Near patient preparation by pharmacy staff
  • How to set action and alert limits for environmental microbiology
  • Development and clinical success of convection enhanced carboplatin into the brain
  • The influence of wipe materials on disinfection processes
  • Can I change brand? Critical appraisal of stability
  • Current perspective on testing PN – the influence of the BP monograph

As a key supplier to the NHS, Reelvision Print will share its knowledge of how to deliver best practice for product manufacturing in this demanding market. An emphasis will be placed on producing both specials low-volume patient specific drugs and also licensed product that the NHS manufacture in-house for distribution into hospitals and the private sector.

Reelvision print provides bespoke cartons to a number of NHS manufacturing units. If required, batch specific printing is available on each purchase order to give full traceability of product.

The NHS Quality Assurance and Technical Services Symposium will take place on the 20 September to 21 September at the Crown Plaza hotel in Chester.