Following the launch of a new, mobile blister packing machine to its packing solutions range in May, Sepha has been delighted at the global demand created by its EZ Blister II. Since launch Sepha has generated sales for EZ Blister to India, China, Mexico, USA, UK, Ireland and across continental Europe.

EZ Blister is a compact and easy to use table-top machine that has been developed in response to global demand from major pharmaceutical and clinical trial laboratories for blister packing solutions that are flexible, adaptable and capable of handling complex pack designs at minimal cost.

EZ Blister II enables labs requiring short runs of high-quality blister packs to choose from a range of technical options and combine these with extensive standard features, creating a final product that is tailored to their exact commercial and production requirements. Options such as nitrogen purge, Teflon-coated forming plates, pressure boosters and batch coding enable blister packs to be produced from difficult to form materials, such as Aclar, while maintaining full traceability over drugs in clinical trials.

Sepha marketing manager, Paul Kelly said: “With fast set-up and minimal operator training required, EZ Blister II offers pharmaceutical research and clinical trial companies a blister packing machine that combines the flexibility, technology and cost savings that they need in an increasingly competitive market. We have been hugely encouraged at the response from the global pharma industry to EZ Blister. In an era where cost of ownership is vital, the ability to customise, tool and tailor the EZ Blister II to exact customer specifications has meant our customer base has been able to purchase a product that balances their commercial and technology requirements.”

Sepha has been servicing the needs of the global pharmaceutical blister packing and leak testing markets for over 30 years and counts the majority of the global top 50 pharma companies as customers. It has been designing and building machines since 1980 and exporting them to over 60 countries worldwide.

In recent years the company has become increasingly involved in developing more sophisticated and complex blister pack designs such as those that incorporate different products, and packs where different doses have to be highlighted and separated. To support these evolving pack requirements Sepha offers a full blister pack and tooling design service with EZ Blister II, enabling customers to maximise the delivery options of their new products.