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Automated Machinery for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Huxley Bertram develops powder compaction simulators and other bespoke machinery for pharmaceutical and medical applications.

53 Pembroke Ave,
Cambridge CB25 9QP,
United Kingdom

Huxley Bertram Engineering manufactures machines for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries among others. The equipment that we design and supply often involves pick and place, servo-hydraulic control, robotic handling, vision systems, PLC and PC-based control, and process analysis capabilities.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Huxley Bertram Engineering operates worldwide, primarily serving the high technology sectors. We also manufacture tablet research and development presses, which are used by most of the world’s leading pharma companies.

High-speed powder compaction simulation machines

Huxley Bertram provides powder compaction simulation machines, software and instrumentation focused on the needs of formulation scientists. Their ability to simulate high-speed production comes from high-pressure, servo-hydraulic control, which also gives longevity and reliability.

Our simulator range includes containment solutions that are designed to suit the most stringent requirements and can also enable gloveless operation for compounds up to OEB 3. We also offer tablet research presses and testing fixtures, as well as slower presses for developing tablets where high speeds are not required.

Huxley Bertram Engineering provides bespoke, automated machinery designed to meet formulation scientists’ needs.
We manufacture our own branded tablet presses in addition to powder compaction simulation machines, software, and instrumentation.
Our simulator range includes containment solutions that can enable gloveless operation for certain compounds.
Huxley Bertram’s product portfolio also includes tablet research presses and testing fixtures.
Our team can carry out annual services for each of our machines, consisting of an oil filter change and general inspection.
Huxley Bertram's software and machines are designed to simplify new developments as much as possible.

Custom-designed tabletting machines and automation

Huxley Bertram’s product portfolio includes bespoke mechanical solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs, from mechanical aids and simple fixtures to full industrial automation.

Other products we provide include high-pressure die wall sensors, fast in-tablet temperature transducers, adhesion measuring punches, and other tabletting instruments. We also offer split-dies, and triaxial Hiestand decompression fixtures, which allow brittle active and passive ingredients to be measured, particularly for building mathematical models of compaction.

Machine servicing and calibration capabilities for medical devices

Huxley Bertram’s hydraulic compaction machines have long expected service lives due to their lack of highly stressed bearings, few wearing parts, and minimal lubrication requirements. Despite this, we recommend an annual service consisting of an oil filter change and a general inspection. This can be carried out by one of our service technicians at the client’s site if required.

Most of our customers will need their devices’ measuring transducers to be calibrated each year as part of internal quality procedures. Huxley Bertram can usually provide this during a service visit, or a third party can alternatively be used. Our calibrations meet national standards and are fully traceable, with comprehensive certificates supplied for each calibration.

Device development services for pharmaceutical and medical clients

Huxley Bertram is keen to help customers with software features, instrumentation, complete fixtures, and other test requirements. Our software and machines are designed to simplify new developments as much as possible.

Huxley Bertram’s team specialise in custom-built machines for research and production for various industries, making them well-placed to help customers with new testing requirements and additions to the company’s range of machines and software.

Our services and support are available to clients in-person, over the telephone and online as part of the original machine purchase package, with extension cover contracts available after the warranty period has expired.

About Huxley Bertram Engineering

Huxley Bertram Engineering was founded in 1979 by William Bertram and Stewart Huxley, two engineering graduates from Cambridge University. In August 2014, we moved into new premises in Waterbeach, which have more than 15,000ft² of manufacturing space and offices.

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53 Pembroke Ave
Cambridge CB25 9QP
United Kingdom