Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher with Bernd M. Stütz.Bernd M. Stütz, CEO of LEWA, has been named a senator after a decision was made by the Presidium and Board of the Economic Senate. Professor Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Science, presented the certificate at a festive celebration at the end of March 2012, in Berlin.

What is the concern of this Senate? "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country!" These words from the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, reflect the expectations of the Economic Senate. This body gathers people from politics, business, the environment and science, who are all outstanding for their particular social engagement and public service, whether in terms of ethics and sustainability in the economy, engagement in environmental politics or support for social or scientific projects.

The CEO of LEWA has been engaged in all of these areas for years; the integrated management he has supported in the company over the past few years has made the LEWA Group an internationally successful system provider in the handling of critical media, in the process industry and among pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Support for youth in the context of comprehensive education is a subject near to his heart: "Getting children excited about science and technology right from their elementary school years is a step in the right direction. After all, competent technical workers are the lifeblood of industry."

As a manufacturer specialising in demanding customer-specific products, it is important for LEWA to have access to competent, technical people. Since they’re often difficult to find "We’re simply training them ourselves and giving them a perspective in our company," explains Stütz. The knowledge transfer is obviously successful as once again, LEWA apprentices had the best results by far during IHK testing in 2012.

For Stütz, as well as for LEWA as a whole, the topics of sustainability and ethics are obvious: "We’ve just kept it this way. We have a short, practical summary for the basis of our actions: HIT – that stands for honesty, integrity, and trust."
And why is Stütz now taking on additional duties as senator? "Everybody today is talking and writing about sustainability and environmental protection, but when you take a closer look, sometimes you see that all that talk is just to keep the mainstream happy. Deeds are important to me. In the Economic Senate, I see a lot of people who are really doing something to get things moving. I’ll be happy to participate in that!"

The Economic Senate is bringing new life to the old and bringing modern thinking to the senate of antiquity: a competent advisor without one-sided influence from specific interests. The variety of experience and talents of the senators is offered to top-level decision makers in politics and society.

And what does all that have to do with LEWA? Fairness and partnership in business life, social competence and engagement in society: Bernd M. Stütz is convinced that these will be a significant success factor for industrial companies in the future. And he already sees confirmation of that belief today: "The economic success of LEWA over the past few years shows that customers greatly honour this attitude in a company."

By the way: One cannot request admission to the Economic Senate. It is by invitation only.