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Coating Processes for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Optimum process control guarantees the best results during tablet coating.

Many products only obtain their specific shape and properties through coating. The portfolio of Lödige Process Technology includes the LC coater series specially designed for coating tablets. These coaters are characterised by optimum process control, user-friendliness and ease of cleaning.

Particle coating is used whenever surface properties of raw materials need to be modified: For instance, coating can be used to hydrophobise or seal the surface. In the pharmaceutical industry, special coating materials are used in the production of what is referred to as “extended-release compounds” for a slowed release of APIs. Coating is also frequently used to improve the flavour of a product. Last but not least, coating can be vital to the brand presentation of a product by adding colour, sheen and the desired feel. All of this means that the coating quality is essential to the quality of the final product.

Experts for coating tasks

Given the aforementioned importance of coating, the pharmaceutical industry makes high demands on coaters. Lödige fulfils these demands with the systems of its LC series: All three sub-processes – spraying of the coating material, mixing of the tablets and drying of the tablets – are designed to achieve optimum results.

The LC coater series stands out thanks to a sophisticated nozzle arm design for applying the coating material, which permits perfect adaptation of the nozzle position to the tablet bed. This technology makes it possible to simply adjust the spraying distance and angle at any time to achieve excellent results. The ideal arrangement and number of nozzles ensure a much faster process than in comparable coaters.

Another feature that helps to reduce process times is the high-capacity air technology used by these systems. A fully perforated drum with a free surface of over 40% permits an extremely high airflow rate. This makes plenty of energy available for the coating process, guaranteeing a problem-free, reliable process. Efficient mixing elements also contribute to excellent product quality. They achieve an even, gentle tablet mixing process even when filling levels vary between 25% and 100% – an essential prerequisite for producing the high coating evenness required by the pharmaceutical industry.

The airflow design of the LC series allows large drying air volumes to enter the drum evenly and largely without turbulence. This ensures a high drying capacity and high spray rates. The undesired effect of spray material drying and the associated spray loss during coating is prevented. This extends the intervals at which cleaning is required and makes cleaning significantly easier.

Thanks to well-thought-out process technology, the coaters in the LC series operate up to 40% faster than conventional devices. They also reduce costs by around 20%. Yet another advantage of these coaters is their user-friendliness: The LC coater series offers convenient feeding, discharge and maintenance.

Lödige Process Technology adapts each LC series coater precisely to the sophisticated products and processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Neither high-containment appliances nor explosion protection requirements pose a problem for these coaters.

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