Life Sciences is a rapidly growing, capital-intensive industry which is significantly impacted by globalisation trends. The sector is, therefore, facing continuous pressure to increase production control, enhance product quality and safety, improve production efficiency, and decrease costs.

One of the areas where production cost optimisation, deviation reduction, higher GMP compliance, and increased product quality and safety can be quickly achieved, is recipe management. It is a process ripe for digitalisation, where manual activity, dead time, paper-based documentation, and a high propensity for errors can be significantly reduced or eliminated through software introduction and consequent process optimisations.

Thus, digitalisation of recipe management process offers you numerous benefits:

+ Optimisation of recipe processes and cost reduction. Minimise manual activity in the recipe management process and eliminate wasted time by introducing software support and making consequent process adjustments. Save on labour process resources and lower costs.

+ Establishment of comprehensive process control. Gain full control over production recipe processes and develop insights by centrally managing and storing recipe parameters and procedures, as well as by promptly notifying necessary stakeholders about changes and required actions.

+ Increase in agility and flexibility. Improve responsiveness to continually changing market needs and demands by streamlining key process activities such as the creation, approval, and introduction of recipes.

+ Achievement of full GMP regulatory compliance. Ensure regulatory compliance by tracing all changes related to recipes and the technical parameters of production (audit trail), and by applying strict approval processes for individual process steps.

+ Enhancement of product quality and safety. Improve production consistency and product quality by ensuring that medicines are produced from the right raw materials and according to prescribed process steps.

+ Reduction of production deviations. Avoid unnecessary (human) mistakes (e.g., incorrect recipe selection on a machine) and associated costs by providing step-by-step guidance; centrally track and document all changes and actions.

+ Elimination of paper-based documentation. Avoid unnecessary paper-based documentation by transforming paper-based recipe parameters, process flows, reports, and other documents into software inputs, outputs, and stored information.

All these benefits can be achieved with MePIS RM, Metronik’s advanced recipe management software solution.

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