Piab’s piFLOW®p SMART: Optimising Powder Transfer Has Never Been So Simple

Piab’s piFLOW®p SMART is becoming even smarter with the new software upgrade. From 1 September additional functionality such as Function check, Monitoring and Backup, restoring of Material settings as well as improved existing functions, is available. piFLOW®p SMART, which has been launched a year ago, simplifies powder transfer by minimising dependence of the conveyor operator. piFLOW®p SMART is a self-optimising vacuum conveyor, which adjusts its performance based on material conveyed, outside temperature and humidity or application, making it extremely easy to operate. Moreover, the system offers a possibility to save preferred conveying settings for 100 materials, to ensure that conveyor can be set up in minutes. A changeover that would take one hour in a conventional vacuum conveyor takes only ten minutes. This is six times faster!

piFLOW®p SMART has been designed with productivity and ease of use in mind. By automatically adjusting the carrying air, the piFLOW®p SMART vacuum conveyor eliminates the need for manual adjustments at the feed point. The filling level is also constantly monitored by two level sensors, safeguarding against filter damage. With the additions of Function check and Monitoring options – installation, operation and troubleshooting of the system have been further simplified.

Requiring only a minimal amount of maintenance, piFLOW®p SMART is easy to install and operate. It is the smart choice for industries looking to increase their performance, especially when handling different materials.

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