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Introducing Rheo Flexibles

Rheo Engineering has introduced a new division of our company, Rheo Flexibles. Rheo Flexibles provides a full range of single-use products, all designed and manufactured at our facility in Peoria, Illinois.

This new division improves our ability to supply a turn-key material handling package for our customers. In-house manufacturing ensures that our single-use products meet the highest quality standards while bringing increased manufacturing capacity to the market.

Rheo Flexibles has developed several FDA and EU-compliant films, RheoFlex. The Rheo Flexibles product series offers multiple film options for a wide range of pharmaceutical containment and product storage applications.

By bringing single-use technology manufacturing in-house, Rheo has become a better material handling partner for our clients. This value can be summarised in four primary ways:

  1. Improved control of supply chain continuity and lead times for single-use products.
  2. Increased innovation of single-use systems as they integrate with material handling equipment.
  3. Fast-turnaround on prototype systems for design feasibility studies.
  4. Rheo standards of quality and performance brought deeper into the single-use market.

Transfer isolators, single-use bags and continuous liners are the three core product groups, but there are many single-use items that we can design and manufacture to provide the best containment and transfer solution.

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