Humidity, temperature, and low dew point measuring device

Rotronic’s CRP1 cleanroom panel is a compact and simple-handling device, which is compatible with HygroClip2. The device registers humidity to a high degree of accuracy.

Depending on demand and application, other Rotronic probes might be connected. The data can be transferred via analog outputs or MODBUS. Measured values, alarms, and measurement curves are shown on the display.


  • Monitors humidity, temperature, and low dew point (LDP)
  • Designed specifically for cleanrooms
  • Works in combination with the HygroClip2-series but also with any other Rotronic probe (customised to your needs)
  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP) compatible
  • Digital communication via MODBUS remote terminal unit (RTU) / HW4
  • Analog output signals freely configurable
  • Stainless steel front panel highly resistant to chemicals
  • Alarm output acoustic, or via relay or LCD display
  • Simple probe calibration outside the room being monitored

The CRP1 cleanroom panel is suitable for any application where precise measurement of humidity and temperature is of vital importance and a high degree of cleanliness must be maintained, including clean rooms in the hospital, pharmaceutical, electronics, or food industries. The comprehensive functional capabilities of the CRP1 can be used for many measurement and control tasks.

In combination with the Rotronic HC2-LDP probe, the CRP1 meets requirements of monitoring dry air in compressed-air equipment and battery fabrication.