The CRP5 cleanroom panel is an ideal choice when a high degree of cleanliness is vital, in addition to precise measurement of differential pressure, humidity, and temperature.

Optical buttons and the magnet-mounted, removable HC2-CRP humidity and temperature probe ensure efficient and effective cleaning.

Up to six measurement values and messages can be displayed via its colour display. Colours of the display can be adjusted individually.

Alarms, such as faults, exceeded limit values, or warnings are highlighted on the CRP5 display, and can also be forwarded digitally via MODBUS, Ethernet, or relays.

Due to its analogue and digital communication capabilities, CRP5 is easy to integrate in any monitoring system.

CRP5 is used in cleanrooms in hospitals and in the pharmaceutical, electronics, and foodstuffs industries, and when small variances in pressure are monitored.

The comprehensive functional capabilities of the CRP5 provide solutions for measurement and control tasks.