Rotronic Monitoring System

Rotronic has announced the development of a new Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS), which checks documents and visualises all required measurements and makes them available to the user in a desired form.

This data can be retrieved from anywhere using a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. The system offers the highest level of performance, flexibility, and versatility, as well as being easy to set up and operate.

The new RMS provides one complete, flexible, and simple monitoring solution instead of many fragmented and complex systems working in isolation. Its software stores all recorded measurements securely in a system, which the user can access at any time. Data can be retrieved in any form and integrated into 3rd party systems.

The heart of the system is server software with a secure database. It records all data and events generating a range of alerts or warnings when customer-defined criteria are breached. The RMS data loggers then transmit measured values to the software via a wireless or LAN communication.

The system has already been extensively tested and proven in pilot projects. Customer feedback has enabled the system to continue to evolve, further enhancing many key features.

RMS is highly versatile

The modular RMS system is suitable for use in laboratories, cleanrooms, production, and manufacturing processes, as well as stability cabinets and storage facilities throughout the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetic industries.

It is highly suitable for monitoring data reliably for building management systems; across industry, museums, art galleries, and archive stores; and during the transportation of valuable products that are sensitive to variations in humidity and temperature levels.

Data loggers record all data continuously, with temperature, humidity, and many other parameters. Third-party devices and existing systems can be integrated easily, making the RMS extremely flexible and allowing trouble-free expansion at any time. The system sends error messages and alerts by voice call, e-mail, or SMS text messages.

RMS has a wide reach and data is secure

Whether the user is abroad travelling or working in an adjacent room, access to real-time data is guaranteed at all times. Control and monitoring is also possible at any time, which provides peace of mind and saves costs.
Thanks to the server database and software, high-availability of the data is guaranteed and security is ensured by https protocols, regardless of the location or terminal device. It is also possible to encrypt all data.

RMS meets all regulatory requirements

The new RMS meets all the regulatory requirements of GxP, FDA Annex 11, and 21 CFR 11.

Thanks to the technical experts in the research and development department at Rotronic, installation is simple and uncomplicated. Local support is available through a worldwide network of Rotronic subsidiary companies and distributors.