Telstar has announced it will be exhibiting at Achema, Frankfurt, showcasing innovative process analytical technologies for pharmaceutical freeze drying systems and aseptic manufacturing processes.

Taking place from 11 June to 15 June, the company will demonstrate its latest solutions for the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry and research centres.

At the Telstar booth, the PAT Corner area will be set up to display the leading-edge innovative developments in the process analytical technology field for pharmaceutical freeze drying systems and aseptic manufacturing processes.

In this context, the new Sapphire capacitance diaphragm gauge will be introduced to the freeze-drying market for the first time. It is a sensor to measure vacuum in steam sterilisable good manufacturing practice (GMP) freeze-dryers with the ability to provide higher levels of stability and resistance to the cycling between vacuum and pressure, resulting in an excellent zero stability compared to existing gauges in the market. This eliminates the need for periodical zero drift adjustments.

The Telstar PAT Corner will also display an innovative steam quality sensor to measure in line steam dryness and degree of superheat of the pure steam used in sterilisation processes, thus allowing the continuous monitoring of such a critical supply.

In the field of cleanroom environmental monitoring and operation, the technological set will integrate an IMD-A system for air instantaneous microbial detection that, using an optical technology, is capable of simultaneously detecting both size and biologic fluorescence of airborne particulates.

A smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control system for cleanrooms will also be showcased, whose monitoring and controlling capability allows the system to reduce the frequency of air renovation cycles and to reach the maximum level permitted of particles in the room in accordance with GMP classification, while saving more than 40% in energy consumption depending on the room operation and use.

Related to the freeze-drying process, the new Lyonuc® nucleation induction method developed by Telstar will be presented and demonstrated. Suitable for any type of freeze-dryer without modifying its main elements or adding gases or external substances, this particular method reduces the duration of the primary drying cycle and ensures the uniformity and homogenisation of the vials in all the batches, respecting the product’s morphology and physiochemical properties.

At the same time, one of the most groundbreaking of Telstar’s developments in the freeze-drying field will be also promoted at Achema. Lyogistics Zero is an automatic vial loading and unloading system for freeze-dryers which can be cleaned-in-pace (CIP) and sterilised-in-place (SIP) inside the freeze-dryer chamber. Suitable for use in production processes involving hazardous products, Lyogistics Zero has been designed to be integrated within aseptic isolators requiring high-level protection for the operator, the product and the environment.