OEE is a standard industry KPI for measuring productivity and is based on a simple equation that results in a percentage of equipment performance.

It is worked out using the following equation: OEE = equipment availability x performance x quality

Benefits of adopting an OEE strategy

  • By automatically or manually collecting data from installed machines or equipment, OEE can be calculated in real-time giving accurate information about how machines are running
  • This information can be used to identify opportunities to improve plant productivity
  • OEE provides benchmarking information against other industries, plants or sites so users can see how well the plant is running in comparison. The average OEE for life science companies is suggested to be 34%
  • It supports continuous improvement initiatives and is an accurate way of measuring performance
  • OEE provides visibility of success and best practice
  • Highlights machine errors and downtime, enabling early intervention
  • Saves time and money

Specific benefits for life sciences businesses

  • OEE data can be obtained across the life science manufacturing process, including production and packaging on individual machines, as well as the overall line
  • Life sciences often have frequent changeovers, shift patterns and 24 hour running. OEE ensures these complicated processes run as efficiently as possible
  • It can highlight and reduce unknown minor stoppages affecting running speed and uptime of the line, ensuring capacity targets are hit and customer orders met, which is a priority for life sciences
  • Quality issues such as misshapes, poor colour and inconsistencies are shown earlier, resulting in less waste or product recalls
  • Drug ingredients vary in cost. OEE reduces overages, waste and recalls minimising costs, while ensuring patient safety
  • OEE is used in line with S88
  • For biological processes, the average actual product concentration can be used and deliver accurate information

Over recent years, Zenith have seen more our clients adopting OEE as part of their lean programme and those who have witnessed significant improvements.