Zenith Achieved ISO9001:2015 Certification

The ISO9001 accreditation demonstrates that organisations have proven their quality management systems (QMS) are as effective as possible through continual improvement and regular assessments. This is especially important for Zenith as a qualified supplier whose reputation for quality is an essential component of its customers’ regulatory compliance effort.

Zenith worked hard throughout 2016 to upgrade its QMS structure in accordance with the 2015 standards. By introducing a review of internal and external risks at lead team level and integrating its QMS processes with top-level strategic objectives, Zenith has been able to build on its existing systems to meet the new requirements.

Testament to the hard work of the team, Zenith Technologies was acknowledged as an example of best practice by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). European quality manager Avril O’Brien was also asked to deliver a talk on Zenith’s transition to the 2015 standard at the NSAI conference in Cork in February 2017.

O’Brien said: "Achieving the ISO9001: 2015 certification has been a really interesting process for us. We are committed to ensuring that our QMS delivers the highest quality products and services to our customers and contributes meaningfully to the continued success of Zenith Technologies as an organisation.

"Successfully completing the upgrade to ISO9001: 2015 so early in the cycle will be invaluable to us and we believe our rapid adoption sets us apart in the industry.

The proactive approach of our management team demonstrates our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. We look forward to continuing to deliver value to our customers throughout the 3-year certification cycle and beyond. Congratulations to the whole Zenith team!"

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