Data privacy has become a significant concern for consumers in recent years, with high-profile data breaches and scandals making headlines on a regular basis. As individuals become more reliant on technology to store and share personal information, it is critical to understand how people perceive and respond to data privacy concerns.

Cassie recognises the importance of taking a proactive approach to data management and helping businesses and their customers stay compliant while delivering personalised experiences. The rationale behind their action was to carry out an independent investigation by collecting perspectives and viewpoints from more than 600 American consumers regarding their attitudes toward data privacy.

The research revealed several interesting findings, including the fact that many consumers are skeptical about the security of their personal information online. Despite this skepticism, the study found that many individuals are still willing to share their data with companies they trust.

“These insights are critical for businesses and organisations looking to build stronger relationships with their customers and protect sensitive information,” said Glenn Jackson, CEO. “By understanding consumer attitudes and perceptions about data privacy, companies can take more effective steps to safeguard against data breaches, address misconceptions and myths about data privacy, and earn the trust of their customers.”

Some of the key findings from the report:

  • 77% of US consumers believe that most companies sell their data without consent – meaning that most US consumers feel that most data protection efforts are futile.
  • 56% of US consumers do not know how to improve their data privacy – suggesting that approximately one in two Americans feel unable to protect themselves from data misuse and exploitation properly.
  • Seven in ten Americans said they will not do business with a company if they suspect their data will not be protected
  • More than half of Americans have stopped doing business with a company because of privacy concerns. Of those, 54% stopped doing business with a company just because they asked for too much personal information.
  • Nearly half of Americans said they prefer to shop with brands that provide a more personalised experience; of those, 73% said they were willing to share personal information to get it.

Cassie’s research reveals that consumers are more wary than ever about their privacy online. At the same time, it demonstrates that consumers will offer first-party data to brands they perceive as trustworthy.

The research report is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the current state of data privacy in America and the steps individuals and organisations should take to protect their personal information. For details on how to download it, please contact us via the enquiry form on this page.