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Precision Woven Meshes and Fabrication

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G Bopp & Co is a Swiss-based business serving a global customer base and specialising in the manufacture of precision woven stainless-steel meshes for challenging applications in industries worldwide.

Key applications for Bopp meshes in the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • Analytical systems
  • Filtration
  • Separation
  • Sieving
  • Fluidisation
  • Aeration
  • De-aeration
  • Chromatography

The product range includes:

SI meshes

BOPP SI meshes are used worldwide for their high-performance properties, including accuracy of weave, regularity, stability, and corrosion and thermal resistance, guaranteeing excellent levels of efficiency with good product throughput and extended service life.

BOPP SI meshes are recommended and used worldwide for wet and dry sieving equipment, vibration sieving and eddy current sieving for the production and extraction of products including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Stones and powders (minerals, diamond sizing, ores, alumina)

Sintered meshes for pharmaceutical applications

BOPP sintered meshes are multi-layer, plate-type filter media, developed to give extremely high mechanical stability combined with excellent strength and rigidity. Strong enough for both backwashing and chemical cleaning processes, these high-specification products are also easy to fabricate.


POREMET is a plate-type filter medium consisting of five different layers of mesh, sintered together under heat and pressure. POREMET offers significantly better performance data and properties when compared with conventional wire filter meshes.

POREMET is used extensively for filtration of highly viscous fluids, pressure filtration, centrifuges, fluidised bed applications, aeration of silos, bulk goods and biotechnology.


ABSOLTA N is a laminated sinter product, similar to POREMET, offering optimum flow rates and excellent cleanability/backwashing properties.

ABSOLTA D is the five layer, reduced thickness version at ca 1.70 – 1.80mm. ABSOLTA is used worldwide in liquid and gas filtration applications for its optimum flow and backwash capabilities.


POREFLO is a plate-type, two to three-layer laminate. Through the additional compression of the surface area the laminate is transformed into a permeable steel membrane.

Developed specifically for the transportation and fluidisation of powdered bulk goods, POREFLO is typically fabricated into aeration pistols, mushrooms and cushions, and is ideal for retrofitting into outflow and sidewall areas of silos, where selective aeration promotes continuous loosening of bulk goods.


TOPMESH is a two-layer laminate consisting of a fine square weave mesh or filter cloth and a support layer of square weave mesh, stabilising the material for medium mechanical load requiring optimum backwash capabilities. The reduced number of layers achieves minimum pressure drop together with excellent backwash performance. TOPMESH is ideal for cleaning in place (CIP) filtration for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

TOPMESH is also typically specified for applications including separation of solids and liquids, surface filtration for powder separation, sieve bases, deaeration filters, hydraulic filters, and backwash filters.

Nutsche filter repairs

Nutsche filters perform a range of demanding tasks in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and downtime for repairs can be costly in terms of both materials and lost production.

Bopp operates a dedicated repair facility for Nutsche filters, designed to ensure the equipment is up and running to specification quickly and reliably. Working to tight time schedules, Bopp has the capability to handle these complex repairs on-site, or can remove the unit to workshops for refurbishment where required.

Bopp enjoys a history of documented successful Nutsche filter repairs, both in the UK and in Europe, working with a team of specialists and backed up by Swiss technical expertise.

Quality-assured pharmaceutical meshes

All Bopp meshes are produced in a clean, air-conditioned environment by skilled craftsmen on state-of-the-art looms. The company practises the strictest quality assurance systems, guaranteeing total reproducibility, conformity with all relevant specifications as well as traceability beyond the requirements of BS / EN / ISO standards.

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    G Bopp & Co, manufacturer of precision wire meshes and fabrications for filtration applications, has extended the scope of its services with the introduction of a dedicated repair facility for sintered plate filters used predominantly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Grange Close
Clover Nook Industrial Park
DE55 4QT
United Kingdom

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