Further investment in quality and product development has enabled G Bopp & Co to offer an extended range of zero defect meshes developed specifically for demanding applications within the filtration process.

Developed to provide optimum efficiency and variable air flow rates for fluidising applications, Poreflo is a layered stainless-steel woven mesh designed to eliminate penetration of the materials being moved, offering a high-performance solution without clogging or blinding.

Poreflo is available in a range of different options to achieve differing flow rates for varying applications, including specially developed grades to meet the demands of individual environments, including high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Poremet is widely used for applications which include the filtration of highly viscous liquids, pressure vacuum filters, centrifuges, fluid beds, silo aeration and biotechnology. The material is a plate-type filter medium consisting of five layers of wire cloth sintered together under heat and pressure, offering the optimum combination of strength, filter rating and flow rate.

Engineered to provide optimum flow rates, Absolta is a five layer sinter of protective, filtration and support materials, offering high tensile strength and pressure resistance, together with no particle migration, guaranteeing uniform filtering precision. Absolta is widely used for the filtration of gases and liquids due to its optimised flow facility. It can be produced using a variety of support meshes and screens to achieve enormous loading capacities.

All sintered meshes can be bespoked to meet individual customer specifications in terms of layers, materials and levels of heat resistance.

Precision woven wire meshes from Bopp are manufactured using carefully selected wires, much of which is drawn in-house to achieve optimum quality control. The entire range is produced in clean, air-conditioned plants by highly qualified weavers, working with some of the most sophisticated weaving plants in the world.