Progressive Recovery has announced an expansion of its facilities to meet growing demands for engineered process systems for biowaste sterilisation.

As the global economy continues to improve, companies are looking for new ways to expand research and business, invest in novel recycling technologies, and find innovative ways to become more efficient and effective. This has led to an increase in demand for engineered process systems for biowaste sterilisation, solvent management, and recycling, as well as custom filtration skids for the recuperating oil and gas industry.

To accommodate this growth, Progressive Recovery (PRI) is breaking ground on an expansion building alongside its manufacturing plant, for completed equipment storage and minor equipment assembly.

Groundbreaking will take place on the 100,000ft³ steel frame building along the Northeast corner of the Dupo facility. While the short-term purpose of this building is to store National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) equipment in a safe, temperature and humidity-controlled environment, its long-term advantage is extra storage space, freeing-up and maximising valuable shop production space.

Initial surveying, grading, and concrete work has already begun, with the complete construction on a three month schedule, targeting completion by the end of May / early June, 2017. Currently, PRI Bio (a division of PRI) is hard at work completing the world’s largest bio-hazardous waste management system(s) for the US Department of Homeland Security, the NBAF, and other projects.