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RSD EtO Sterilisers: Performance And Innovation

RSD, a Spanish company expert in EtO sterilisation, manufactures EtO sterilisers exclusively for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

We manufacture large industrial sterilisers, according to strict standards and regulations from the sector, meeting with our client’s needs and requirements.

What are the main advantages of our EtO sterilisers?

We try to make the difference manufacturing EtO sterilisation equipment based on several features, for instance:

Premium construction materials and components

We use material of construction made of top quality. The stainless steel comes from Europe, as well as all the brands we use to use for our EtO sterilisation solutions. The components are ATEX certified and most of them meet the SIL specification (IEC61508) to provide maximum reliability anywhere they are installed: EtO chamber, vacuum pump skid, air circulation system, vaporiser skid, gas room, …
Thanks to that, we offer safe equipment with long-term viability.

Accurate thermodynamic calculations

This feature allows for giving optimal performance to the equipment. Thermodynamic aspects are very important and have a direct impact on sterilisation results and time.

Safety PLC

Most of the EtO chamber manufacturers propose a standard PLC for the control of their equipment. For us, safety should be first, and that’s why we use a safety PLC. Ethylene oxide is too dangerous to save money on the PLC, which is the brain of the installation. A deep risk analysis is achieved from the beginning of each project to define the critical functions, SIL rated.

A development and manufacturing based on ATEX directive

The ethylene oxide gas is toxic, but also explosive. In view of these risks, we offer equipment classified as zone 1 and 2 according to the ATEX directive. This is one of the most stringent international directives for equipment used in a potentially explosive atmosphere. From the design of the EtO sterilisers, ATEX expertise is performed to assure the maximum safety for our clients. All our team members have the ATEX certificate level 1 and 2 Electrical & Mechanical for design and maintenance of installations with an explosive atmosphere, delivered by the French notified body INERIS.

High-technology vacuum pumps

The technology used for the EtO chamber vacuum is the liquid ring pump. It is a state-of-the-art technology for the ethylene oxide sterilisation process. Indeed, those pumps are very safe (certified to work until zone 0 ATEX) and totally compatible with any cycle; no matter the amount of steam to pull. In terms of maintenance, it is also the best technology, as no oil is used.

Robust and long-term guarantee

We propose robust equipment based on high-quality materials, rigid frames, advanced components and with state-of-the-art design, which allow us to offer EtO equipment with 15-years guarantee for the vessel and 2 years for the rest.

Turnkey projects

Our services start from the EtO sterilisation project feasibility study to the cycle validation of the products to be sterilised, managing and executing all the phases of the project. We propose any ancillary equipment you need for a complete EtO sterilisation plant taking into account all your special needs.

Made in Barcelona

The last aspect but not the least, is that everything is made in RSD premises. Thanks to this, we have perfect control of the whole project: development, design, manufacturing, control and qualification.

Our commitment is to sell high-quality sterilisers based on EtO sterilisation turnkey solutions that are totally adapted to our customers’ needs, having a high level of safety, reliability and efficiency.
We are always looking for improvement and innovation to offer

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