B Medical Systems, a leading player in the medical cold chain industry, is proud to announce that its  Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerator and Ice-Pack Freezer, TCW40SDD, has received the prestigious ACT label from My Green Lab. This recognition is a testament to B Medical Systems’ unwavering commitment to sustainability and its relentless pursuit of environmental excellence in medical cold chain solutions. TCW40SDD is the first ever Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerator and Ice-Pack Freezer to receive an ACT label.

The ACT (Accountability, Consistency and Transparency) label was designed to address the need of both scientists and procurement specialists for clear, third-party verified information about the environmental impact of laboratory products. Its criteria, also known as the Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) criteria, were developed with input from industry experts and external stakeholders. The ACT label process entails third-party verification of the sustainable impacts of a product its operations, and its end of life.

The TCW40SDD is a solar-powered vaccine refrigerator and ice-pack freezer and uses R600a as its refrigerant. A WHO PQS prequalified solution, this product offers 46.6l and 4.8l of gross volume in its refrigerator and freezer compartments, respectively, and can operate in ambient conditions up to 43°C. The TCW40SDD has a hold over time of over 93 hours at an ambient temperature of 43°C, making it a trusted solution in many countries around the world where access to reliable electricity can be a challenge.

Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems, expressed his pride in this achievement, stating, “Receiving the ACT label for our TCW40SDD model is a significant milestone that reflects our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. It is a recognition of our efforts to innovate while keeping environmental stewardship at the forefront of our operations. This not only highlights the exceptional quality and reliability of our products but also aligns with our vision to lead the medical cold chain manufacturing industry towards a more sustainable future.”