DP Cargo provides temperature-controlled transport services for pharmaceutical goods throughout Europe.

The company’s high-quality solutions meet client expectations and comply with industry regulations such as good distribution practice (GDP).

Specialised temperature-controlled vehicles for pharmaceutical transporting

DP Cargo is a European expert in pharmaceutical delivery services. Its vehicles offer an efficient and safe way to transport goods requiring fast delivery at controlled temperatures.

DP Cargo provides pharmaceutical delivery services for goods requiring fast delivery at controlled temperatures.
The vehicles maintain goods in cooled, chilled or frozen conditions.
DP Cargo collects and ships goods to various European destinations.
Clients can use DP Cargo's monitoring platform to view the current position, speed and load space temperature of a transport vehicle.
DP Cargo's delivery services meet good distribution practice (GDP) requirements.

Vehicles are equipped to maintain goods in cooled (2°C-8°C), chilled (15°C-25°C) or frozen (-25°C) conditions.

DP Cargo also offers transport of other temperature-controlled goods such as food products, chemicals or hazardous goods to Accord Dangereux Routier (ADR) standards, as well as other goods that require trucks with hard-sided loading space for transporting.

International shipment of pharmaceutical goods by road

DP Cargo selects suitable transportation for each individual load. It collects and ships goods to various European destinations to meet client deadlines.

The company’s standard vehicle has a capacity of up to eight pallets and 1,000kg in weight. Two independent cooling and heating units ensure a consistent loading space temperature and each truck meets GDP requirements.

DP Cargo holds certificates and documentation for each vehicle, including annual calibration of temperature, bi-annual temperature mapping and cleaning protocol records.

Delivery of temperature-sensitive loads

DP Cargo deliveries always include a printed temperature sheet with logs recorded every 15 minutes indicating time of loading and unloading. Trained drivers ensure a consistent temperature during transport to protect pharmaceutical products against external contamination.

Clients can preview the current position, speed and load space temperature of a DP Cargo vehicle in real-time on the company’s monitoring platform. Each load also has a dedicated consultant that is available 24/7 for enquiries.

Deliveries are covered by DP Cargo owners and contracts protective (OCP) liability insurance to ensure compensation for any damage, exemption or deviation.

About DP Cargo

DP Cargo has five years’ expertise in the pharmaceutical transporting market. Its team has comprehensive experience and knowledge that ensures the safe shipping of goods.

The company’s staff are highly qualified in GDP and the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.