New vehicles will soon be arriving from the factory; therefore, we would like to highlight some useful information about our new arrivals, as well as our current fleet.

All of our vans are equipped with a cooling unit by a leading manufacturer on the European market, ensuring coverage with the service network spanning the continent. Regular calibrations and mapping ensure that loading space temperature is always as it should be.

Standard double heating units provide a consistent temperature for the goods. Thermograph documents the temperature and records its course. Each van from our fleet also has expansion poles that secure the goods in any possible dimension.

Thanks to our cleaning procedures, our loading space has no smell or dirt from outside that could contaminate the goods.

Modern problems require modern solutions, so we equipped our fleet with GPS. As a result, our clients can trace the location of their goods and check the temperature in real-time.

Our brand-new vans can fit six Europalets, which are 190cm high and 1,000 kg. Our service vans can fit eight Europalets, are higher than 215cm and can load up to 1.300 kg. Thanks to our validation system, we can reach all loadings within one day.

Our company puts pressure on environmental protection. We have the highest standards of environmental friendliness due to EURO 6d engines installed in our vehicles, as well as cooling units equipped with the electrical supply, which means we can connect to any electric network to reduce the emission of CO2 and reduce costs.

We plan to receive another Frigo Van this year. Next year we plan to replace several of our older vans with new vans.

Development, speed of decisions and adaptations to any circumstances of our company lets us satisfy the ever-growing needs of our customers.

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