ECOCOOL’s Heinrich Siedenburg said: “New website, new corporate design, et cetera, to be honest, I had to ask myself if all of this is really necessary” as he reminisced about passing the company on to his son, Dr Florian Siedenburg. That was around two years ago.

He added: “Now I’m happy that we can show our customers that even in terms of appearance, ECOCOOL is a forward-looking, creative company that is well-positioned for the domestic and global markets.”

The constant demand for cooling and insulated packaging from ECOCOOL, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries, shows that he is right.

Managing director at ECOCOOL Dr Florian Siedenburg said: “We develop efficient and economical packaging systems and components for the logistics of temperature-sensitive goods”.

His focus, on the one hand, is on the development of customer-specific products. But the ECOCOOL portfolio also contains standard products, like the large selection of flexible cooling elements, which are indispensable to food industry customers such as HelloFresh and Deutsche See.

In addition, system solutions for the high standards set for the packing, cooling and monitoring of temperature-sensitive goods in the pharmaceutical logistics industry is also a major pillar in the product portfolio. These include thermal covers, data loggers and special shipping boxes that are designed to keep temperatures within a given range for three to four days.

Heinrich and Dr Florian Siedenburg maintain close contact to their customers so as to always guarantee their satisfaction. It is this strong customer orientation that allows the Siedenburgs to know exactly what their customers’ needs are. And the customers appreciate this. For this reason, many of the partnerships they struck up at the beginning are on-going today, such as their partnership with trans-o-flex, a logistics service provider active throughout Europe and ECOCOOL’s first major customer.

ECOCOOL may be all about cooling and the cold, but there’s nothing cold about the company on an interpersonal level at its Bremerhaven headquarters at Schiffshören 9. On the contrary. Dr Florian Siedenburg has a warm, cordial tone when he visits his employees in the production facility.

Siedenburg knows each and every one of his 60 employees as well as their stories and backgrounds. He said: “It’s just natural for me. I like that we can offer people prospects.”

He explains that most of his employees got their start as contractors. They found a reliable employer in ECOCOOL.

Heinrich Siedenburg put a lot of thought into choosing a location for the company’s headquarters, and decided on Bremerhaven in 1999. By that time the city had already made a name for itself as a centre for renowned companies in the food industry, and it is the perfect location for ECOCOOL today.

Heinrich Siedenburg said: “The Fischereihafen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (FBG) supported us from the very beginning when we needed to find additional space for our growing company”.

Dr Florian Siedenburg said: “BIS, the local economic development agency, stood by our side throughout the construction of our new facility. So not only were we able to find an attractive lot for our enterprise, but we also received EU grants to do so.

“Here we have the opportunity to grow even further and create the conditions that allow our creative workshop to continuously work on new products.”