Temperature indicators show at a glance whether the cold chain was maintained throughout the distribution of temperature-sensitive goods.

As a distribution partner of Varcode, Ecocool now offers Freshcode, an innovative and inexpensive chemical indicator that works with barcode technology.

If the target temperature is exceeded, the barcode changes and triggers an alarm when scanned at the loading or unloading point.

Ecocool managing director Dr Florian Siedenburg says: “The scan sends temperature information, geo-coordinates, date and time to a Cloud-based IT system. A further advantage is the possibility of combining shipment information such as a delivery note barcode with the Freshcode in order to establish a clear correlation between the Freshcode and the goods right up to the recipient.”

The scanning employee immediately receives information about the condition of the goods (green = OK, yellow = minor deviation, red = serious deviation) via an app. This barcode scan function can be used to inform all involved parties in real time about the potential breaches of the cool chain during transit.

Siedenburg added: “The Freshcode is a highly efficient and economical solution for the food and pharmaceutical supply chain.

“The chemically changeable barcode can be read with standard scanners, which means that no expensive hardware is required. The indicator itself can be used universally and is at the price level of conventional colour indicators. For larger purchase quantities, a unit price of less than one euro can be realised, which makes many applications in temperature-sensitive transport possible.”

In contrast to conventional temperature indicators, the Freshcode does not change colour if the temperature deviates from the target temperature, so that the receiver is completely relieved of the interpretation of the indicator. Based on chemical processes, the indicator shows a different barcode than in the normal state.

The indicator can be affixed to cardboard boxes or individual packages. It can be read using a barcode scanner or a mobile phone with Varcode app installed.

Depending on the individual definition of the target temperature range in Cloud software, the scan triggers an alarm in the event of major deviations. This ensures visibility at every point in the supply chain and allows immediate action to be taken to protect the goods or remove them from the supply chain.

Freshcode technology minimises staff misinterpretation and increases product security throughout the supply chain.

Siedenburg  added: “Particularly in the booming e-food segment, the use of Freshcode can significantly increase consumer confidence.

“But there are also many areas in pharmaceutical logistics where expensive data loggers are not used for cost reasons. The Freshcode also offers new possibilities for improved temperature control. I am thinking, for example, of online pharmacies or shipping from wholesalers to pharmacies.”