When sent via standard parcel services, temperature-sensitive products often require protection from weather conditions. ECOCOOL offers an economical solution with its new Smartliner cooling packaging.

ECOCOOL expert Christian Wittenberg has explained the distinct features of this new packaging innovation:

Main strengths

The newly developed insulation inlay, combined with Coolpack cooling elements, ensures that the target temperature in the shipping box remains stable for up to 48 hours. This allows temperature-sensitive goods, such as foodstuffs or medicines, to survive standard shipping transport conditions.

Materials used

The core of the Smartliner is a synthetic fleece inlay for shipping boxes. The light polyester fibres have little effect on the transport weight. As a result of its cushioning material properties, Smartliner protects sensitive products. It also encloses them with a simple, foldable seal.

Sizes available

The insulation inlays are available in three standard sizes: S (360mm x 200mm x 210mm), M (400mm x 300mm x 250mm) and L (580mm x 380mm x 200mm). These are ideal for lining normal shipping boxes. However, manufacturing of customer-specific measurements, including individual branding, is available upon request.

Ensuring quality

The performance of each product is regularly tested in a climate chamber, adhering to a strict temperature profile. The Smartliner received exceptionally high marks for cooling and insulation. Its insulation properties have been tested in a 55-hour test at ambient temperatures between 18°C and 32°C.

Results showed that, in general, the more Coolpack cooling elements are inserted into the Smartliner box inlay, the longer the temperature remains stable during shipping. This keeps the good fresh for the end consumer. The precise interplay between cooling and insulating properties ensures flawless quality for fresh foodstuffs or heat-sensitive beauty products.

Summary of results

In the climate chamber test, the insulating performance of size S, equipped with four Coolpack cooling elements of 500g each, was 24 hours under 4°C and up to 44 hours under 8°C. Smartliner M was equipped with four Coolpacks in the test and Smatliner L with six of 900g each. In the case of the medium inlay, the temperature only rose above 4°C after a duration of 38 hours.