HelloFresh sends recipe boxes containing easy-to-cook, tasty and healthy meals straight to your doorstep.

The company was founded in December 2011 by Jessica Nilsson, Thomas Griesel and Dominik Richter. Their vision was to offer an innovative service that made it possible to cook healthily at home without the need to worry about recipe ideas and shopping lists.

Everyone, from busy bees to city dwellers, simply seeking a convenient option can order the recipes and the necessary ingredients online. Preparation time is around 30 minutes. The aim was to make eating healthy easy.

The founders began by shopping in the supermarket themselves and then posting off the goods in bags. Today, HelloFresh supplies 1.88 million customers worldwide with inspiring recipes along with the fresh products these recipes call for in exactly the right quantities. Today, people all over the world from Canada to the US and Australia swear by the innovative recipe boxes.

Based in Berlin, HelloFresh works with suppliers worldwide.

Chief operations officer and co-managing director of HelloFresh Germany and Austria Nils Herrmann said: “This selection is made based on sustainable agriculture and production criteria. The focus is always on freshness.”

The company now employs approximately 4,000 people worldwide in ten countries. Around 600 are employed in Germany.

Week by week, the experienced HelloFresh chefs create new meals to choose from. The expert team of chefs, nutritionists and trend scouts work hand in hand, not just so that HelloFresh customers have a wide range of varied meals to choose from each week, but also so that customers learn something new from HelloFresh every time. The recipe box supplier doesn’t just deliver recipes and the proper ingredients, but also encloses a small booklet containing interesting facts on the different types of food, tips on cooking techniques and much more in each box.

In order to ensure the quality of the products, HelloFresh uses an internally developed cool box concept in which the ECOCOOL Coolpack cooling elements have a key role to play.

Nils Herrmann is full of praise: “We are delighted to have ECOCOOL at our side as a reliable partner, able to respond flexibly to our wishes and requirements.”

With ECOCOOL producing the special insulation inserts for Froozeo, HelloFresh’s smoothie service, the collaboration has also expanded into additional areas.

Under the name Froozeo, HelloFresh sells ingredients for smoothies that you prepare yourself. The ingredients are rich in vitamins and have been snap-frozen to minimise the impact on quality. The smoothies are supplied in a cooled box in which the smoothies stay frozen for up to 30 hours.

A distribution partnership is also in place between HelloFresh and ECOCOOL. HelloFresh, therefore, assumes a leading role in the market with its exemplary practices in terms of sustainable packaging materials.

This is very much in line with the philosophy of ECOCOOL CEO Dr Florian Siedenburg, who said: “Our joint shipping solution is the Smartcooler synthetic fleece bag, 80% of which is made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

“Here in Bremerhaven, we were impressed right from the start by the technical properties of this product and the value for money it offers. We are delighted to have entered into the partnership with HelloFresh for the exclusive distribution of the Smartcooler.”