The use of temperature data loggers is becoming more and more important when transporting temperature-sensitive goods in order to both maintain high product quality standards and comply with strict regulations. Especially for data loggers, we are offering inexpensive, highly functional loggers from the Swiss company SWITRACE in ECOCOOL’s new online shop.

ECOCOOL is responsible for the exclusive distribution of these quality products in Germany. Director of sales at SWITRACE Patrick Poulet explains the advantages and features of the temperature data loggers from the creative Swiss company:

There are many data logger suppliers on the market. Why should potential customers decide for the SWITRACE I-Plug logger?
There are three simple reasons. 1. Quality: all of the I-Plug data loggers are manufactured in Switzerland. 2. Precision: with a tolerance of +/- 0.3 °C, the I-Plug data loggers are highly precise. 3. Even when purchasing small quantities, the I-Plug loggers are available at an extremely low price.

How do SWITRACE I-Plug loggers stand out from other manufacturers’ products?
Our I-Plug loggers work with highly precise digital sensors. These are more exact than other analogue temperature sensors, or thermistors as they are also called. Additionally, all of our I-Plug data loggers come with a certificate of validation.

How do the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (58th edition) apply to the I-Plug loggers and their built-in batteries?
Single-use and multi-use I-Plug data loggers are not classified as dangerous goods and can be shipped by air without quantity restrictions.

Why is the I-Plug also called the ‘Cloud Logger’?
Using the I-Plug MANAGER software, users can store the temperatures recorded by the I-Plug data logger on our servers. These can then be accessed on our website by simply entering the device’s serial number.

What is the difference between I-Plug BIO and the standard I-Plug?
The biggest difference is that the I-Plug BIO can be read and programmed with our high-performance online software DATAFLOW. This software is completely compatible with the FDA regulation FDA CFR 21 Part 11, which users in the pharmaceutical industry greatly appreciate. It also features an exceptionally high-quality battery.

What happens to the temperature data in the I-Plug when the battery dies?
Generally speaking, this won’t happen when the device is being operated normally. After starting the logger, the charge holds for around 360 days. In the unlikely event that the battery does die, the data is not lost – it is permanently saved in the EEPROM (internal storage).

Is the temperature data encrypted? How can you guarantee its integrity?
Not even our engineers can alter the data saved in the device memory. The raw data is encrypted and saved in a hidden file.

So, the I-Plug never lies?
When you read an I-Plug data logger online, you are reading the encrypted raw data so you know that it’s the right temperature data!

Do you have any data loggers for dry ice transport?
We’ve developed a data logger that can record temperatures as low as -80 °C. It can be placed directly in the dry ice without needing to lay cable with external sensors.

You offer the I-Plug TH for measuring temperature and humidity. There are small holes in this device. What are these for?
Yes, the I-Plug TH loggers measure both the temperature and the humidity. In order to guarantee a quick reaction time, it’s important for the digital sensor to have contact with the external air. The small holes create the necessary air circulation in the device.