Cold weather can represent a great risk for shippers of frost-sensitive goods. Many chemical products such as water-based paints and varnishes, adhesives and other construction substances such as plaster and mortar products have to be protected against frost during transportation and storage.

ECOCOOL’s ECO-LIGHT thermal cover meets this requirement in a special way. It is not without reason that a great many national and international freight forwarders have been placing their trust in this product for many years now.

Thanks to its real aluminium foil coating, ECOCOOL’s made-to-measure thermal covers offer outstanding insulation. The company considers itself as a part of the logistics chain, and its fast and flexible delivery times ensure that no customer is ever left out in the cold.

ECOCOOL is also offering the ECO-LIGHT CB. CB stands for closed bubble and means that the air cushion foil on the inside is enclosed by a further layer of High-density polyethylene (HDPE) film. In addition to increased tensile strength, this extra layer also offers a benefit in terms of handling because the HDPE glides more easily over previously wrapped pallets with PE film.