Finnair Cargo is one of the largest air cargo carriers in the Nordic and Baltic regions. It specialises in transporting high-value items, perishables and pharmaceuticals between Europe and Asia.

The company’s COOL Hub at Helsinki Airport features innovative robotics and intelligent warehouse automation that monitors the cargo temperature of each vehicle when transporting.

Finnair has also consistently invested in its technology to improve transparency and efficiency, ensuring that its systems such as the internet of things (IoT) monitoring solution Cargo Eye continue to provide accurate real-time data to the control centre.

Finnair's COOL Hub at Helsinki Airport.
The company is one of the largest air cargo carriers in the Nordic and Baltic regions.
High-value items, perishables and pharmaceuticals can be shipped at monitored temperatures between Europe and Asia.
Planes and trucks are both monitored for environmental changes to help protect temperature-sensitive cargo.
Finnair's COOL Hub in Helsinki allows the company to deliver 350,000 tons of cargo every year.
The airline processes around 100,000kg of seafood daily.
There are 580 unit load device (ULD) storage areas in the COOL Hub terminal.

High-speed and transparent pharmaceutical shipment and storage

Finnair made an €80m investment in its COOL Hub with the aim of becoming the world’s most high-quality air cargo carrier. The hub includes dedicated areas for temperature sensitive goods and supports the airline to ensure that temperature-sensitive cargo is continually monitored and correctly handled to meet client requirements.

Airline with a 31,000 m2  terminal capacity

The capacity of the COOL Hub allows Finnair Cargo to carry 350,000 tons of cargo every year and there is room to expand by 10,000m2 in the future to meet rising demand.

Pharmaceuticals and perishables each have 3,000m2 of dedicated temperature-controlled space and they can be transported to aircraft stands 30 minutes before departure.

Pharmaceutical cargo shipments between Europe and Asia

The COOL Hub cargo terminal allows Finnair Cargo to meet the demands for air cargo and support the extra capacity provided by its growing fleet of A350 wide-body aircraft.

The Nordic airline ships up to 100,000kg of seafood a day, which is expected to grow in the future.

Flight with unit load device (ULD) storage

The COOL Hub features high-quality robotics, a large amount of storage and data monitoring abilities.

There are 580 unit load device (ULD) storage areas in the terminal and the automated system is designed to operate without lights to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.

Cargo terminal powered by solar energy

The COOL Hub is one of the first in the world to be rated ‘very good’ by building sustainability assessor BREEAM.

The rating took into account the 1,200 solar panels on the roof that provide 10% of the building’s energy consumption, as well as its energy-efficient design, and the automated forklift guidance system and the truck yard management.