Envirotainer’s containers can be ordered for active temperature control during transport.

Finnair Cargo customers can also pre-order v-Q-tec cases or containers that offer efficient protection for their temperature-sensitive shipments. In addition to va-Q-cases intended for smaller size shipments, the v-Q-tainers are available in va-Q-tainer EURO, va-Q-tainer US, and va-Q-tainer XL sizes.

The typical performance of these containers is high-temperature stability in the desired range for 96 hours at 30°C or 0°C ambient temperatures. A 96-hour validation for summer and winter shipments is available using the standard configuration.

Temperature-monitored storage and delivery

Only one temperature range is allowed per shipment, and every package in the shipment must be labelled accordingly. Please remember to book your temperature-sensitive pharma shipments with special handling code or cold storage (COL), room temperature storage (CRT) or frozen storage (FRO) codes to ensure appropriate handling of these sensitive goods. If temperature control is not required, please use the Pharma Light service.

Only non-temperature sensitive shipments can be booked as general cargo, but Finnair Cargo does not recommend booking pharmaceuticals as general cargo. Booking as general cargo does not provide any special features and shipment will not be treated as pharmaceuticals.

When a shipment contains pharmaceutical or healthcare goods this must be clearly stated in the handling information of the Master Air Waybill together with the appropriate temperature range.

In addition, a 24h contact telephone number of a person knowledgeable about the shipment must be provided at the time of booking and on the Master Air Waybill.

IATA time and temperature-sensitive labels with the correct temperature information must be affixed to every package containing pharmaceutical goods.