Kinaxis®, a leader in empowering individuals to select confident supply chain decisions, has been chosen by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd to help unite the firm’s supply chain, financial planning and business operations.

“Our goal is to accelerate access to affordable and innovative medicines because good health can’t wait,” said Puvvala Yugandhar, Head of Global Supply Chain, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. “As we continue to expand our markets and footprint globally, it is critical to align our organisation on one platform for our vision of integrated enterprise planning. We chose Kinaxis not only for their demonstrated expertise in supply chain and the pharmaceutical industry but also for their continued investment in AI and machine learning innovation.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories to help them manage their supply chain and to better connect it with business and financial management functions,” said John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis.

“With the speed of our concurrent planning engine and always-on what-next scenario planning, supply chain processes stay synchronised and accurate, which is critical for the life sciences market. Empowering people with instant insight is at the core of what we do.”

From keeping up with regulations to integrating mergers and acquisitions and managing products with strict expiry dates, life science supply chains are as about as complex as they come. Kinaxis helps companies to synchronise their supply chain to more effectively manage products on a lot-for-lot basis and use attribute-based planning to incorporate complex planning rules.

Additionally, with product expiry monitoring, supply chain teams are alerted when action on inventory is required to maximise customer service and ensure expiry dates are not surpassed, minimising extra cost.

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