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Integrated Supply Chain Planning, Monitoring and Response for Life Sciences

Kinaxis provides end-to-end supply chain management services for the life sciences industry using its Cloud-based integrated planning platform.


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Kinaxis® provides end-to-end supply chain planning solutions for the life sciences industry using its Cloud-based integrated platform. The company helps empower life science professionals to make confident planning decisions that maximise business performance.

With worldwide offices serving a broad range of global customers across a variety of industries, Kinaxis transforms the way companies run their supply chains and businesses by empowering people to make confident supply chain decisions.

With the support of Kinaxis’s community of passionate customers and supply chain experts, as well as its unique concurrent planning, companies realise higher revenue, lower costs and fewer risks using a single integrated planning platform.

Kinaxis helps make continuous demand, supply and capacity alignment a reality.
Kinaxis ensures you have the right level of inventory in the right place, at the right time.
Kinaxis makes confident planning and decision-making quick and easy.
With the support of the Kinaxis' community of supply chain experts, unique concurrent planning technique and single integrated planning platform, customers can realise higher revenue, lower costs and fewer risks.
Using a single planning platform, Kinaxis streamlines processes, breaks down silos and lets you plan concurrently for every part of your supply chain.

Supply chain performance monitoring for pharmaceutical companies

Increasing cost pressures, growing customer expectations, unexpected threats and expanding ecosystems all add to the complexity and volatility global organisations face every day. But today’s planning reality leaves room for a lot of uncertainty thanks to siloed data, processes and cumbersome, disconnected systems.

Kinaxis solves complex business problems in easy-to-understand ways, combining human and machine intelligence to help plan for high supply chain performance, monitoring progress to identify risks and opportunities while helping clients quickly respond to any disconnects as they occur.

Supply chain planning services for medical networks

Kinaxis RapidResponse® employs a unique concurrent planning technique across multiple areas of the supply chain.

The company delivers a supply chain that’s completely connected and in-sync. Concurrent planning bridges the gap between planning and execution by continuously balancing the supply chain network from end-to-end.

Using concurrent planning, a planner can make a change and have its impact immediately visible to everyone else across the supply chain.

Integrated supply chain planning platform

From sales and operations planning (S&OP) to demand, supply, inventory and capacity, RapidResponse supports operations as required thanks to Kinaxis’s Cloud-based integrated supply chain planning platform.

Easily scalable, RapidResponse delivers the capabilities that organisations need to grow and succeed, all without custom code or bolted-on modules.

The platform’s responsive, people-first design means RapidResponse works on any device, allowing planners to make critical decisions on the go.

About Kinaxis

Eliminating volatility in your supply chain is impossible, but managing it is not. Trusted by top brands, Kinaxis gives people the confidence to know they are making the best supply chain planning decisions to maximise business performance.

The company solves complex business problems in easy-to-understand ways by combining human and machine intelligence to plan, monitor risks and opportunities and respond at the pace of change.

With the support of its community of supply chain experts, and using its unique concurrent planning technique and single integrated planning platform, customers can realise higher revenue, lower costs and fewer risks.

White Papers

  • Case study: Removing Silos in End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

    As a company with a 125-year history of improving the health and well-being of people worldwide, MSD (known as Merck & Co in the US and Canada) recognised that significant improvements to the company’s bottom line would come through the transformation of its supply chain

  • Infographic: What are Your Supply Chain's Pain Points?

    Using a single planning platform, Kinaxis unifies your supply chain planning to streamline your processes, break down silos and plan concurrently across every area of your supply chain, from sales and operations (S&OP) to demand, inventory, supply and capacity.

  • A Supply Chain Planning: Everything From Product Expirations to Patent Cliffs

    Supply chains in the life sciences sector are about as complex as they come. As biomedical advancements trigger a continuous stream of new product introductions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the industry constantly reshape the competitive landscape while governments at all levels release new regulations. The promise of tenders and perils of patent cliffs are ever-present. Taken in one dose, profitability and productivity can be put at serious risk.


  • Eliminate Silos in the Life Sciences Supply Chain

    Delivering on every commitment while dealing with regulatory approvals, expirations and patent cliffs can be tough, especially if your company lacks end-to-end supply chain visibility and is stuck using siloed planning processes. Discover a better wa

  • Seeing is Believing: Watch Kinaxis RapidResponse in Action

    Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex and subject to more volatility than ever before. Find out how Kinaxis RapidResponse uses concurrent planning to help your organisation collaborate across your entire supply chain network to help you make

Press Releases

Products & services

  • Capacity Planning

    When it comes to capacity planning, Kinaxis helps supply chains balance customer satisfaction with cost and available inventory, leveraging underused assets while minimising inventory overload.

  • Demand Planning

    When plans don’t align with reality, cost and customer satisfaction takes a hit. And when changes do happen, siloed business functions can prevent you from seeing fallout to your demand plans until it’s too late.

  • Inventory Planning

    Inventory is the single largest asset on your company’s balance sheet. How you plan and manage your inventory can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

  • Supply Planning

    Late shipments, working from the wrong plans, the inability to see the impact of demand changes: as a supply chain planner, everyone else’s problems suddenly become your own, leaving it up to you to profitably align supply with demand.

  • Sales and Operations Planning

    S&OP processes shouldn’t involve wrestling with disparate spreadsheets, take weeks to execute or focus solely on satisfying individual needs.

  • Machine Learning

    When planning assumptions don’t reflect the reality of what’s actually happening in your supply chain, metrics like revenue-at-risk, customer satisfaction and inventory costs suffer.

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