As we all continue to adapt our lives to the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of online and direct to consumer deliveries is escalating dramatically.

As we all appreciate the benefits of direct delivery, new threats are emerging that must be managed. The probability of contracting a harmful pathogen from an item from the grocery store, an online order, mail, or food delivery is significantly higher due to the sheer number of individuals that have handled your goods prior to delivery.

Enter NexBox, OnAsset Intelligence’s multi-use, customisable, fit for purpose self-disinfecting smart container. The NexBox utilises UV-C disinfection to eradicate 99.9% of harmful pathogens including Covid-19. UV-C light is globally recognised as an effective means of sterilisation that is already used in hospitals, and NexBox brings this directly to businesses and consumers. Additional features of NexBox include cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, real-time tracking, temperature, humidity and shock monitoring, optional video/audio recording, and electronic access control. The NexBox can be configured to meet the needs of any business or consumer.

Adam Crossno, OnAsset CEO, states “The quickest way to bring our lives back to normal and mitigate the future risk of the next unknown pandemic is solutions like NexBox. Imagine receiving your next pizza delivery in a NexBox. It will show you where it is on the map, neutralise the pathogens en route, only allow you to open the container with your smartphone or tablet, and pay for the food in one quick swipe. Most importantly you open the box and remove the sterilised contents yourself – nobody touches your order after it has been sterilised so you have that peace of mind. Custom NexBoxes are available for restaurants, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, logistics providers and at your home. Next time you get a delivery think about the 12 people who handled it. How does that make you feel? NexBox is like a “vaccinated” delivery system just for you.”

OnAsset is working with several customers creating fit for purpose NexBoxes to address the evolving disinfection and tracking needs at home or at work.

Beyond virus mitigation, NexBox enables the use of artificial intelligence, edge computing and real-time data analysis to create a completely transparent supply chain with delivery information, location, status and chain-of-custody data available 24/7/365. As many businesses grapple with the “new normal” and look to adapt long term operations to the current and post-Covid reality, NexBox is a powerful platform with which to enrich the customer experience and improve delivery operations.

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