OnAsset Intelligence, the pioneer in supply chain monitoring solutions, is announcing the launch of its next generation SENTRY FlightSafe® device, designed to meet the demand for improved visibility on high-value shipments brought about by recent global supply chain disruptions. This is the first supply chain monitoring device to include 5G cellular connectivity, LoRaWAN® technology and an on-device display for quick and easy access to critical data on shipments.

OnAsset has experienced explosive growth resulting from manufacturers and shipper’s focus on supply chain visibility, driven in part by global repercussions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Next generation supply chain monitoring requires customized delivery of timely, high-quality data. The next-generation SENTRY device delivers needed insights through:

  • 5G communications for global operation using the newest and most power efficient cellular networks to deliver data to customer dashboards quickly.
  • LoRaWAN (long range wide-area network) provides new avenues of communication in challenging areas such as cargo terminals and container ships.
  • The SENTRY’s on-device interface enables immediate access to configure the device or gain visibility on the journey without having to log into a desktop or mobile application.
  • Additional audio-visual and cryogenic sensors, on top of existing temperature, humidity, light, shock, and tilt sensors, enables the deepest level of insight available to shippers.

“This is a big milestone, 15 years in the making,” says Adam Crossno, CEO, OnAsset Intelligence, Inc. “The supply chain has been challenged over the past year, from responding to the onslaught of e-commerce and workforce shortages, to the challenges of vaccine shipments.

“Shippers have invested in costly supply chain monitoring platforms, but all too often data feeds fall short of expectations for timeliness, level of detail and accuracy. The new SENTRY, in concert with OnAsset’s suite of monitoring technologies, resolves data quality issues and is easily deployable on a global scale.”

OnAsset’s family of technologies

OnAsset products provide insight into every step of the supply chain journey, from point of origin to destination, across all modes of transport, and even provide a detailed view of cargo at rest, within warehouses or cross docks.

The SENTRY FlightSafe is a key member of the compatible, flexible and scalable family of OnAsset technologies:

  • Sentinel tags transmit piece-level data to the SENTRY FlightSafe within a wide radius.
  • The SENTRY FlightSafe will continuously monitor and report temperature, humidity, light, shock and chain of custody details to the cloud.
  • Customers receive data via the OnAsset INSIGHT™ mobile app, web platform or API for a clear view of their cargo and conditions.


Because OnAsset is the original equipment manufacturer, it can tailor features and packaging to meet customer requirements. Full end-to-end integration between SENTRY and Sentinel devices also allows customers to mix-and-match devices, use cases and operational workflows to add supply chain visibility in the most flexible and cost-effective manner.

Sustainability focus

The proliferation of single use tracking devices in recent years has resulted in harmful e-waste and toxic chemicals seeped into soil and groundwater. OnAsset is on a mission to raise awareness and offer a sustainable alternative. The new SENTRY is rugged and reusable, designed to withstand the rigors of shipping with a long battery life. Reusability lowers costs for customers and supports supply chain sustainability initiatives.