One of the most well-known Indian vaccine manufacturers has secured new technologies for automated filling and freezing and thawing of vaccines in different scales. Ankush Kapoor and Sachin Joshi from PharmNXT Biotech both agree: “The innovations from Single Use Support are on the pulse of the Indian market as they fully require what has been aweak spot for a long time.”

The platforms from Austria fit into a developed end-to-end solution for different areas of application when handling with highly valued liquid medicine in single use bags, naming bulk drug substance handling between Downstream and Fill/Finish and cell and gene therapies as two of many.

Groundbreaking innovation in Biopharma

The fully automated RoSS.FILL filling system is used for sterile filling of liquid drug substances in single-use bags. Multiple bags can be filled per batch with a total batch of more than 200 liters within one hour. The plate-based freeze and thaw platform RoSS.pFTU, in turn, is a system that guarantees controlled freezing and thawing to transport and store vaccines at frozen state in a sterile and completely safe environment.

The protective RoSS® shell is protecting the single use bags throughout the process steps of filling, freezing and shipment and therefore enables to close a technological gap in the biopharmaceutical industry. Thomas Wurm, co-founder of Single Use Support emphasizes that “the risk of product loss is reduced if all technologies are from one single source. With complete solutions, we can increase patient safety and minimize the risk of bio-contamination.”

Partnership to expand

The partnership between Single Use Support and PharmNXT Biotech has started in 2019 and has brought up success stories such as the implementation of the BULK.STREAM already in summer 2020 to another biopharma giant in India. The aim is to grow even further to fully establish Single Use Support’s technologies into Indian Bioprocessing.