Single Use Support, a leading process solution provider specializing in cold chain logistics, announces the opening of its latest branch office in Lexington, Massachusetts. Strategically positioned within proximity to the innovative pharmaceutical hub of Boston, the new office underscores Single Use Support’s ambition for further expansion and for improving efficiency and product quality in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Lexington office, spanning 2,320ft², showcases Single Use Support’s commitment to enhancing customer service and industry collaboration. CEO Christian Praxmarer emphasised the significance of the inauguration, stating: “Our increased presence in the USA reflects our dedication to advancing biopharmaceutical innovation. And with the opening of our showroom and the bolstered staffing in Lexington we will facilitate faster service for our customers.”

Elevated workforce to strengthen customer service

In conjunction with the office opening, Single Use Support has expanded its US-based sales and service team with the addition of order management and automation experts. Both existing and prospective customers will greatly benefit from the increased presence of the pioneering process solutions provider in the US.

Several US-based pharmaceutical manufacturers and CDMOs have recently placed orders for consumables and platform systems for aliquoting, freeze/thaw, storage, and shipping of high-value drug substances. This is in line with Single Use Support’s 70% increase in non-COVID-related revenue by 2023 and a corresponding 40% increase in headcount over the last six months.

Expanded demo units in the US

Single Use Support’s demonstration solutions can already be viewed in Houston, Texas. The process solution provider’s fluid and cold chain management units are part of the mRNA vaccine manufacturing program executed in collaboration with the National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing and the Texas A&M University, demonstrating the crucial role of the company’s fluid and cold chain management solutions in advancing cutting-edge biopharmaceutical technologies.