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Development Services and Programmes for Healthcare Companies

787 Eleventh Ave 6th Floor, Ste 6039, New York, NY 10019, United States of America

787 Eleventh Ave 6th Floor, Ste 6039, New York, NY 10019, United States of America

Euromed Pharma delivers strategic development services and programmes to support healthcare companies in promoting improved wellbeing.

We provide support to industry players from drug development through the post-marketing phase, offering solutions in investigational medicinal product (IMP) management, third-party logistics (3PL) services, clinical trial simulation (CTS) services and educational achievement (EA) programmes.

End-to-end logistic services for healthcare companies

For clinical trial materials support such as comparator medicinal products, investigational medicinal products, and placebos, as well as early access programme planning, Euromed Pharma has the expertise to connect the safest, most efficient storage, handling and transportation methods and routes to the world.

Our team manages the storage and distribution of products in cold chain and ambient conditions, including import / export services. Due to our supply chain consulting services, we guide numerous critical variables in operation planning.

We advise the optimum transportation methods based on products, point of departure and destinations, estimating according to regulatory requirements, and decreasing the risk of shipment delay during delicate transitions such as customs clearances.

Pharmaceutical order-to-cash solutions

As a result of the strong position of our affiliates in the national distribution of pharmaceuticals across multiple countries in Europe, Euromed Pharma can build a relationship with American companies with a lack of expertise, resources or a strategic decision seeking to distribute their products throughout Europe.

In America, we partnered with an appointed national 3PL with Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) Accreditation to extend this service across the US for any business seeking a global partner.

Clinical trial services

Taking a molecule through drug development, as well as the multiple phases of a clinical study, are processes with an enormous number of variables, which must all ultimately align for success.

Furthermore, patient cure relies upon the accomplished work of study sponsors, as well as every other company involved. Trials become more complex with the advancement of science and, from a sponsor perspective, to have a direct influence on all variables within the process, a safe approach is necessary.

Euromed Pharma is the peak of a joint effort of different industry professionals uniting to enable research organisations and sponsors to accomplish their goals. We acknowledge that drug supply managers are frequently facing opposing priorities within the multiple stakeholders in their industry.

Early access programmes for pharmaceuticals

Early access programmes such as expanded access programmes (EAPs), compassionate programmes and orphan drugs merit the recognition of highly qualified professionals who appreciate the significance of these programmes, knowing the urgency required.

We actively support the clinical trials field, guaranteeing access for patients to medicines from early-stage clinical development, through Phase II and III, and even if the product recently gained approval in one country but not yet another.

We aim to guarantee that sponsors get the time to focus on their drug product advancements. We will not only take on the management and distribution of these programmes, but also the numerous activities associated with it.

Euromed Pharma

787 Eleventh Ave 6th Floor

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