DNV-3837 is under clinical development by Deinove and currently in the Phase II in clinical pathway. The characteristics of the clinical trial as well as other attributes related to the drug, regulations, and company play a fundamental role in ensuring the likelihood of transition that the drug moves from its current development stage to next.

According to GlobalData, the latest event to affect DNV-3837’s likelihood of approval (LoA) and phase transition for Clostridioides difficile Infections (Clostridium difficile Associated Disease) took place on 02 Dec 2022, which decreased the likelihood that the drug progresses to the next phase in its clinical pathway and decreased the likelihood of final approval for this indication.

GlobalData uses proprietary data and analytics to provide a complete picture of this assessment in their DNV-3837 Likelihood of Approval (LoA) and Phase Transition Success Rate (PTSR) Report.

DNV-3837 overview

DNV-3837 (MCB-3837) is under development for treatment of Clostridium difficile infections. The drug candidate is administered intravenously. It is the oxaquin derivative and a prodrug of MCB-3681, a dual- action antibiotic incorporating the properties of a quinolone and an oxazolidinone. The drug candidate targets DNA gyrase, topoisomerase IV and 23S Ribosomal RNA. It was also under development for the treatment of Streptococcus pneumoniae peritonitis.

Deinove overview

Deinove is a biotech organization that finds, creates, and delivers compounds. The organization consolidates its natural resources and its metabolic engineering innovation in three fields of use including medical care, sustenance, and beauty care products. Its healthcare application gives innovative work on new antibiotics for significant clinical need and takes advantage of remedial properties of different mixtures, for example, carotenoids that can be of valuable in the fields of irritation, skin issues and others. Deinove‘s nourishment application creates particles with coloring, cancer prevention agent or wholesome properties that are helpful for the human eating routine and creature feed. The organization’s beauty care products application is for skincare items, with cell reinforcement and against maturing particles, texturizing specialists, and others. Deinove is headquartered in Grabels, France.

Quick View DNV-3837 LOA Data

Report Segments
  • Innovator
Drug Name
  • DNV-3837
Administration Pathway
  • Intravenous
Therapeutic Areas
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Infectious Disease
Key Developers
  • Sponsor Company: Deinove
  • Originator: Morphochem
Highest Development Stage
  • Phase II

GlobalData, the leading provider of industry intelligence, provided the underlying data, research, and analysis used to produce this article.

GlobalData’s Likelihood of Approval analytics tool dynamically assesses and predicts how likely a drug will move to the next stage in its clinical pathway (PTSR), as well as how likely the drug will be approved (LoA). This is based on a proprietary algorithm built from the drugs’ sales forecast, regulatory milestones, cost forecasts, WACC rate and other proprietary data sources found on GlobalData’s Pharmaceutical Intelligence Center.