Comparative Testing of Single-Use Pump Technologies - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Comparative Testing of Single-Use Pump Technologies

After comprehensively reviewing the capabilities and performance of the Watson-Marlow Quantum 600 peristaltic pump, it is the position of the PDS Sandbox that the data generated during these tests demonstrate an excellent level of precision across a full range of pressures (up to 4bar).

The test report also confirms that the Quantum 600 pump has a minimal impact on Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) suspension cell cultures. This performance is better than would be expected with traditional peristaltic pumps and is not limited by strong pressure or flow dependency.

Based on the excellent accuracy of the Quantum 600 peristaltic pump, PDS Sandbox recommends this product for the delivery of target volumes for a simple solution where, after calibration, the pump can be run at speed and time to deliver a designed volume accurately.

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