The Complete Guide to Freelancers in MedTech - Pharmaceutical Technology
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The Complete Guide to Freelancers in MedTech

The global MedTech outsourcing market has ballooned as businesses look for ways to improve patient care while streamlining their own operations.

Bringing a medical device to market is a notoriously challenging task. While large global players have hefty teams in-house for everything from research to regulatory writing, we recognise that start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) may find it difficult to know when, where and how to outsource — and how to make the right decision when they do.

This white paper is built on contributions from our scientists, who shared their expertise on how to streamline the process of bringing a medical device to market. From product design, to manufacture, to medical writing, we will shine a light on the role of the freelancer in getting the best for your products, processes and patients.


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